Form, Function, & Flair: The Three Pillars Of Web Design

The internet is a revolution for us mortals. It has given us more than we can fathom. Informational to interactive to inclusive, the world of the internet has changed shape with time and websites form a major chunk of this dynamic world. Being the online identity of businesses, websites dominate the internet space.

From HTML to JavaScript to Flash to CSS, the concept of website design development has changed drastically over the years. If you compare today’s websites with those that existed a decade ago, you’d see a striking difference and advanced technology has played an eminent role in the evolution of web design. Think about it, you no longer need to use a desktop computer to access a website, you can access it seamlessly on your smartphone, smartwatch or car HUD!

Form, Function, and Flair are the three pillars of web design. These elements, though have evolved over time, continue to remain at the forefront of web design development. Let’s understand these three elements and the impact they have on the web design process.


Form implies the aesthetic and structural element of the web design process. A balance between strong visual appeal and streamlined flow of information gives any website its structure. Keeping the visitor’s journey in mind, web designers need to creatively plan every step of the website. Today, websites have large and vibrant fonts, responsive hero images, flat design elements, and slides of information with precise lines of content. An emphasis on the use of infographics, video and textured backgrounds are part of the latest trends.


This implies the performance and user experience. Websites can range from simple one-pagers to more complicated multi-page websites with tons of information on it. An eCommerce website will have endless pages whereas a product website may only have one page sprayed with a couple of slides on it. Hamburger menus, convenient checkouts, short product videos, high quality images, smart layouts with elevated content are all part of the functionality element that makes a website stand out. The user experience paves the way for customers to come back to you. Keeping this in mind, the functionality element is imperative when designing a website.


Simply put, flair is individuality. It makes for the last leg of the web design process and is probably the most subjective element. Designers add their panache to create websites that are fluent in form and strong on function. A new take on traditional designs is always welcome – provided it works as smoothly. In fact, there are tons of pre-defined templates available that cater to every kind of website design requirement. Now, you may wonder how something so generic can be made individualistic! Choosing the right colors, font style, content style, menu styles, high-resolution images or video backgrounds will add that flair and personality to your website. However, you always have the option to design something from scratch!

The web design process is as interesting as it is grueling. In a nutshell, these three are the founding elements that make for the entire website design process. We like to call it F3 (Form, Function, and Flair).

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