How Web Design Affects Your Business

Gone are the days when your website was a mere digital version of your brochure. Websites have come a long way from being a plain jane information platform to being your global identity on the world wide web. The fact that you publish your web address on visiting cards, brochures, advertisements, and across every possible communication platform as an invitation for people to visit you is a proof of this. As a vital branding component, your website should be smartly designed to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more. Like creating a timeless art piece, designing a website is your blank canvas to create a masterpiece and requires a perfect balance of Form, Function, Flair.

A slick website design is vital for your business’s’ online presence and overall growth. Let’s look at how web design affects your business.

First impressions last

Websites are one of the best ways to project your brand image and the first visit will create a lasting impression in the minds of the visitor. Therefore, the homepage must be designed to win over the visitor in the very first instance. Of course, this will depend on the business or industry type but a well-designed homepage that is colorful, rich and welcoming will intrigue the visitor to explore the website. High-quality images, grammatically correct content and clear navigation options will make your website alluring at first sight. An air of professionalism stirred with a hint of friendliness will impart a sense of trust and make your brand come across as credible. Bottom line; make a striking first impression!

Clarity Over Confusion

Clear navigation and an intuitive design go a long way in engaging visitors. If visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they will simply log off. Carefully plan the user journey to avoid any confusion that could drive potential customers away. Layouts with clear sections that compartmentalize your website and logically divide information will make navigation a seamless exercise. A well-designed website will lead consumers to take an action and will help increase your business. Don’t forget the call-to-action button!

Content Is King

Your slick web design will fall flat if the content is shaky and inconsistent. Information has always been the primary purpose for websites to exist. This means you should use clever content to impart essential information and to give the visitor what he/she came for. A flood of words or incorrect grammar will do you no good. Spruce up your website with precise and concise content that instills your visitors with confidence about you and furnishes them with the information that they came for. Font designs, font sizes, and font colors play a crucial role with regards to the visual appeal.

Design that moves

A major chunk of your visitors will be accessing your website via smartphones, smartwatches and smart tabs! A consistent design across all devices makes for an easy-to-remember navigation. As a responsive website that is device agnostic, the information should be easily readable and accessible. An optimized and responsive website will enhance user experience and brand your business as a tech savvy outfit. Keep the website design light so it is easy to load and quick to navigate around. A clear UI and a good UX can help transcend cultural barriers and positively influence user behavior and engagement.

Your website design is like the interiors of your office or your home. You must design it smartly and creatively to impress the visitors. Although, changing your website design or revamping it is not a herculean task, it is always advisable to ensure that you nail it the first time and continue to make updates on it.

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  1. When you said content is king, absolutely you hit the nail on the head, i mean we website designers tend to focus more on the design and most times tend to ignore the content part, in as much as design is cool, content still trumps design, because users are mostly searching for information and info means contents, so content should and must be perceived as king.

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