The Future of UX Designers – An Interview with Laura Müller

Previously, we acquainted you with Chad Borlase, an esteemed member of our three-chair panel at F3.SPACE. We now introduce you to Laura Müller, UX Lead at MetaDesign, as an honored panelist on F3. Laura’s profile spans over 8 years of experience working for leading digital and branding agencies.

At MetaDesign, she creates meaningful digital products and works for mega-brands such as Airbus, VW, BMW, Siemens, ERGO, Migros and DHL. In her spare time, she coaches young startups on digital product strategy and UX, helps students enter the UX world by mentoring them and blogs about UX-related topics.

In this interview, Laura Müller speaks to us about the future of UX designers and how UX has grown over time. Read on!

Tell us about the best and the worst part of being a UX Lead.

The best part is that you get to meet a lot of clients with very different business models. You constantly dive into new fields and try to understand new users and help them the best you can. The worst part is that sometimes you identify what would be best for the user, but you simply can’t push it through due to technical restrictions or political reasons. This can be frustrating.

How has the scope of UX grown in the web development industry?

UX is shifting from a pure web development element to more of a product design element. A website is just a small, but significant, part of the whole journey. When it comes to UX, you cannot only consider the website or the app, but you have to look at the bigger picture – how does the user interact with the brand, what are the touchpoints with the brand and what are the user’s current needs. Today, website UX is brand experience.   

What does the future hold for UX designers?

This is an interesting question. I think you can never rely on the skills you currently have. You must be one step ahead. The tools you use and the knowledge you have now, will probably not be relevant in the future. However, one thing doesn’t change – the empathy for your users. You will always have to start by understanding their requirement and how they would like to use the website. This is something that every designer must have a deep understanding of.

What do UX designers need to succeed?

As UX designers we are expected to solve problems. The biggest challenge is to really understand what you are trying to solve. You need to learn to ask the right questions and to listen. In addition, I recommend getting a team of experts to collectively find a solution. UX is not a one man show.

Any upcoming UX trends that you foresee?

We are moving towards conversational interfaces that will feel more natural, like an easy and effortless chat with a friend. I strongly feel that UX designers will not design any new ‘cool’ websites, instead they will become business consultants that make sure the user is always in the center. Organizations, especially the big ones, need a user advocate in the center of the organization to understand how to improve website design and overall UX.

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