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Web design has evolved over time to make websites a more interactive and immersive experience. Towards this, web designers are constantly tinkering, toying, pulling and pushing the boundaries of web design. In this interview, we speak with Suraj Sharma of to understand how web design has evolved over time and the challenges faced by web designers to grow their business. Not only that, is our winner for the month of December. Read on!

1. Tell us about and EpicHost. is a venture of our parent company Epic Solution, which offers end to end web solutions such as domain name registration and other hosting related products. Our dedicated specialists consistently and cost-effectively fill the gaps in your project requirements whilst demonstrating a mastery in alignment with the established processes and procedures. With a market presence of more than 2 years & having served 500+ nationally recognized brands, we offer digital solutions for startups and big businesses across the globe.

2. What are some of the challenges you faced with respect to setting up your business?

Since I started individually, I faced certain common challenges that anybody else in my shoes would face – procure funding to start a new business and acquiring new clients to sustain it. I managed to accumulate some funds from my colleagues and friends and started creating blogs and social media advertising. After running a few campaigns, we began offering free hosting and domain registrations with every website which was developed by us. This helped us develop a pool of customers for us.

3. How has web design evolved along the years? How do you see web design changing in the next couple of years?

Today, over two decades after the publication of the first website, web design has firmly established itself as an irreplaceable component of every effective marketing strategy. In terms of modern aesthetics, we have seen the proliferation of minimalism, flat graphics, blended typography, and large background images.

In addition, UX has taken center stage, giving way to smart design features such as infinite scrolling and single-page design. The future of web design is about moving beyond designing for one device. Is it all about mobile? No. But mobile is incredibly important. Users are accessing the web from mobile smartphones, tablets, their laptops and desktop computers.

4. What are the most important aspects of a website from a client’s point of view? Any pro-tips for what a brand’s website should be like?

A beautiful, user-friendly website is what a client looks for. Your business’s website is just as important as a traditional brick and mortar store. However, it never closes and is always available for your customer to access from anywhere in the world and round the clock. And for this reason, your website should showcase your brand and successfully sell or inform your visitors with your core competence.

5. What are your views on new domains?

Having a distinctive online name is an invaluable investment for any business. New domains have the power to serve as key digital representations of your brand and to make your website address a memorable one. New domain names are exciting new avenues for businesses to clearly demarcate their niche on the web. With so many new domain extensions now available, businesses have the opportunity of making smart online name choices.

6. What are the most common issues faced by web designers these days? How can they overcome them?

There are lots of issues and challenges faced by web designers these days. Endless business cycles, ensuring ongoing support and maintenance contracts remain profitable, standing out from the competition, spending time fixing errors are a few examples of some of the issues that web designers face.

7. Design wise, what are some of the best websites that you have come across? is a great website.

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